The woman is a normal person, a sensitive and delicate being. One can safely say that most of the problems in the relationship arise because of lack of communication or lack of sincerity. Men, most of the time, avoid being honest or romantic.

Honest words

Of course, women want above all sincerity, sensitivity and affection. They, through their love, are able to make the man work, be balanced, and desire a family. So women want to hear from a man honest and respectful words. The man has to show elegance, delicacy and appreciation if he wants to have the most beautiful life. The woman, in contact with the man, becomes what she did not even know, she discovers hidden qualities of herself, and if the man has patience, he will understand her uniqueness, depth and sensitivity. Women, therefore, want to hear from a man beautiful, sensitive words that show manhood, dignity, but also responsibility. In addition, the woman wants to see the sense of duty of a man, and his power to face any situation.

For many, the relationship of love has become a simple conquest. A man does not wonder so often how to conquer a woman through words, for it is often the woman who conquers. For example, the escorts from Jullieta can conquer a man with a simple touch and a sexy lingerie. The man doesn’t have to do much, just be kind and show them that they are desired. Either way, men should know that any woman can become gentle, good, warm, calm and cute, but that depends only on him.

Warm words of love

Words rise or kill, love is not a game for a woman, she is not an object. It is wrong for a man to believe that he can be above the woman, without a woman there is no continuity in the world, there is no education, there is no love and affection, so there are no happy children. The future hangs on the woman, she has an incredible role in the world and she expects to be treated as such.

So women want to hear from a man that they are important to them, that what they do is appreciated by them, that they are loved and respected, that they are treated equally. It goes without saying that a woman hates the lie and the unpredictability of a man. She feels when something is wrong, so no matter how much a man says that he can lie to a woman, he must know that women have a fantastic sense.

Finally, the woman is a beautiful and elegant being. The woman should not be treated as an object of work, which, after passing her first youth, is neither beautiful nor profitable. Therefore, perhaps more than ever in history, women want to hear from a man that they are beautiful, that they will be loved anyway, that their beauty is especially seen in their suave souls. Last but not least, they want to hear that they are wanted, that they are indispensable to the family, that they do not sacrifice themselves in vain and that they will be eternal in the hearts of their loved ones.

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