Procreate four.2 became just released some weeks in the past and all of us is already raving about the new features it offersone of the maximum complicated and dynamic tools Procreate launched is the fast shape device. This tool is everything that illustrators, lettering artists, and architects were hoping for. It’s so easy but so complextoday, I’m breaking down how short form works and the way you could begin optimistically using it to your initiatives at once.
allow’s get started out.
that is going that will help you see how the short form device clearly works. in case you don’t have one simply use the hard Airbrush to your default Procreate Brush Library below Airbrushing > tough Airbrush.
2. DRAW A CIRCLE together with your APPLE PENCIL (but DON’T pick UP YOUR PENCIL on the cease)
if you did this properyou may see your circle automatically snap into a perfectly symmetric shapehold that pencil held down and you may resize or rotate your circle to anywhere on your canvas.
seasoned TIP: Press your pointer finger to your non-dominant hand at the screen (whilst nonetheless protecting your pencil down) and also you’ll see the circle snap again into every other trade shape option.
3lift UP YOUR APPLE PENCIL and click EDIT form
The Edit form button seems best if the pencil isn’t touching the screenit’s miles located on the top center of the canvas. relying on what shape you drew you may get a few alternatives to pick from. considering the fact that we drew a circle we’ve the alternatives for Ellipse and Circle.
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fourclick on A shape alternative IN EDIT shape
this can make the anchor factors of the shape appear. You’ll see the points on each aspect of the shapeyou may use your Apple Pencil to move and remodel every anchor point to fit your particular design needs.
5. DRAW A square and see ITS particular EDIT shape alternatives
Do exactly what we did in steps 1-3but, you’ll see that different capabilities arise inside Edit shape this time. You’ll see, quadrilateral, rectangle, and polyline options. This lets in you to absolutely exchange the form you initially drew. that might are available in accessible while experimenting with a layout concept which you haven’t 100% nailed down.
6. DRAW YOUR personal POLYLINE AND control IT
in case you’re not acquainted with polylines, they’re just shapes that aren’t closed. essentiallynon-stop traces all strung together to make diverse shapes and figures.

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