Dragon Movie Review

Being born within the eighty‘s and being a martial arts fan as a kidi was usually going to have a tender spot for this movie. I got here throughout it whilst i was handiest small and because the name sounded acquainted (enter the Dragon being my favorite movie on the time). I failed to recognise then that this would be one of the handiest instances it changed into ever proven to my understanding on uk tvi have never visible it on television considering that, and bestjust recently re-bought the DVD.

The movie is ready a Kung Fu student named “Bruce” Leeroy inexperienced, who wants to reach the final stage, a feat most effective Bruce Lee finished. The final level is completed when you are surronded by way of a mystical glow, displaying you are a true kung fu grasp. Leeroy’s grasp tells him to move and look for a Kung Fu master in New Yor kby the call of Som Dum manon the same time he has fallen for tune Video presenter Laura Charles who wishes him to be his body defend to assist her from Videogame King Eddie Arcadian. An evil Kung Fu master through the name of Sho-Nuff has additionally lower back to town and wants to fight Leeroy, so he can be the kung fu grasp of Harlem.

The film turned into made with the aid of Berry Gordy, the founding father of Motown records, so naturally the soundtrack is excellent. The movie capabilities the best of R&B and hip-hop from the time, sprinkled with martial arts references, such as ‘Rythm of the night time‘ and ‘seventh Heaven’. The soundtracks is one of the pleasant i’ve heard in a film and is powerful for the duration of, with a completely strong Eighties vibe. if you own a soundtrack for a film, this must be it. it’s far mainly tremendous when Laura Charles starts gambling a song in the seventh Heaven studio and places on enter the Dragon, Leeroy gets manner to interestingit’s far barely annoying at this factor. The handiest one awful point approximately the track in the film is Eddie Arcadian’s girlfriend wants to be a popstar and is horriblehowever lamentably we italia film must suffer through her eye wateringly awful song video.

Sho-Nuff the primary awful guy inside the movie performed through Julius J. deliver III is tremendoushe’s one of thegreat movie horrific men ever, no-you may touch him. He walks approximately with giant shoulder pads and claims to be ‘The Shogun of Harlem’. He has traditional traces including ‘Kiss my converse‘ and is unforgettable. I may be honest he steals the film from under the nostril of Taimak.

Taimak performs ‘Bruce’ Leeroy inexperienced, and it’s miles surprising to know that he had no previous performingexperience, and learned at the set as he labored. He does installed a great shift. The combating scenes are extraordinaryand he’s without a doubt worthy of being called a kung fu master, his performing may be slightly timber at timesbutconsidering this is his first role ever, he does a remarkable task, and shall we be honest his fighting scenes greater than make up for it,

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